Innovate 8

Watch the Innovate 8 Recap

In 2015 8AC launched the Innovate 8 makers pilot that aimed providing space and developmental services 8 businesses that make things. Innovate 8 provided space and technical assistance to 10 creative businesses/ entrepreneurs. We were also able to connect those involved in our creative economy workforce platform to those businesses. 

Here are two important things we learned:

  • Home based businesses desire to separate home from business but affordable space is scarce. It is counter productive for makers to have to set up and break down every day. They also need access to industry standard equipment.

  • Creative entrepreneurs would like to focus on production and need help with managing other aspects of the business.

Cre8tive Capacity

Watch the Cre8tive Capacity Pre-Launch

In 2016 8AC launched the Cre8tive Capacity pilot to see if creative entrepreneurs will pool their resources to make life easier for themselves by increasing capacity to launch or sustain business by gaining the following benefits:

  • Access to shared production and co working space, retail and event space

  • Shared in house professional services: marketing, branding, accounting, and business administration.

  • Access to industry standard software and equipment

What we learned from the Cre8tive Capacity Pilot:

  • Creative producers are have a diverse range of needs but production and administrative space is at the top of the list for most.

  • Technical assistance is equally valued to enhance the capacity for creatives to do business.

  • Production and co working facilities for creatives must be strategically configured.

  • Creative entrepreneurs need access to industry standard software and equipment.

  • Creative entrepreneurs willing to share resources to achieve a common goal.

The Cre8tive Evolution

Cre8tive Capacity has evolved in to an entity that is actively connecting creative producers to space and technical assistance, by helping real estate developers activate usable space.

To learn more about the Cre8tive Evolution click the Cre8tive Capacity Logo to the left.